Birds of Prey Experience in Lanarkshire is pleased to offer this amazing gift experience:

Birds of Prey Experience in Lanarkshire

You can buy the experience as a gift voucher for a friend or just enjoy the experience as a treat for yourself.

The centre is situated in a fantastic location with access to woodlands, a heath and grassland so there is plenty of space for the birds to show off their extraordinary flying talents.  You will have a quick training session where you will learn how to fly the birds and some falconry terms. Then take them out on a hawk walk where you will experience the brilliance of the raptors flying as a team. This is an unforgettable experience not to be missed. Location: Biggar, Lanarkshire (Scotland) only partners with the leading and most reputable gift experience operators. You can be assured of the highest quality experience.

You can find more information and to book using the link below:

Birds of Prey Experience in Lanarkshire

Gift Experience Name: Birds of Prey Experience in Lanarkshire
Gift Experience Category: Short Breaks

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