Champneys Fish Pedicure is pleased to offer this amazing gift experience:

Champneys Fish Pedicure

You can buy the experience as a gift voucher for a friend or just enjoy the experience as a treat for yourself.

Enjoy the ultimate in organic beauty treatments and sit back as the tiny toothless garra rufa fish skim over your skin, sucking away dead skin and leaving your feet feeling fabulous with a fish pedicure. As you submerge your feet into the warm tank of water you can relax and let the fish work their magic. At the end of your 25 minute fish pedicure your feet will be truly spoilt with a foot rub with Champneys foot butter, enjoy a pampering treat for your feet. Location: Bath (South West) Chichester, Guildford (South East) only partners with the leading and most reputable gift experience operators. You can be assured of the highest quality experience.

You can find more information and to book using the link below:

Champneys Fish Pedicure

Gift Experience Name: Champneys Fish Pedicure
Gift Experience Category: Pampering

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